How to Hire a Deck Contractor

Tips on Choosing a Deck Builder

Building a new deck is not a simple project. It requires planning, expertise, skill, rough framing, finish trim, and, depending on the location and size, obtaining a building permit. The right deck builder can make building a deck addition to your house a hassle-free process. You should do your best to find a trusted local contractor in order to avoid scams.

What You Need to Know

Step 1:

Think about what kind of deck you want and sketch rough plans. If you are planning a complex or large deck, consider hiring a designer or architect to help you with the plans.

Step 2:

Get in touch with your county or city building department to find out what you need to know before you start building a deck. Every state and city has different rules that cover such things as deck height, stair width, and post-load limits.

Step 3:

Ask friends, family members, and neighbors for referrals to reputable and dependable deck contractors.

Step 4:

Obtain at least three estimates, making sure each deck builder has the same criteria not only for the deck design but for details such as the railing design, type of lumber, and extras like benches and planters. Interview each contractor in person, ask relevant questions and listen to their suggestions and ideas.

Step 5:

Make sure the company you choose has the required licenses and insurance. Verify all the information they provide you with.

Step 6:

Agree on the costs and set up a payment schedule. It is reasonable for a deck builder to require a down payment when he starts work, but do not give them more than 50 percent.

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